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Lego Torch

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Lego Torch
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I think you will like that the Lego set offers this feature, state of the art lighting products armored in a classic lego form. Other features include things like super bright and great gift for all ages. It's dimensions are 7.5"H x 2"L x 5"W. It has a weight of 1 lbs. For the greatest offer for this item along with other Legos, check out the market link.

NEW for Holiday Season 2009! Children will love this giant LEGO figure which stands 7. Uses 3 x"AAA"batteries (included ). turning the crank handle, kids provide all the energy essential to produce all the light needed for any play activity. Posable arms and light angling legs makes this extra fun! 5"Tall. 5"giant LEGO figure features 2 super bright LED lights late-night jaunts to the bathroom or kitchen. This 7. The dynamo torch saves money, preserves the surroundings and is totally convenient. 5 inches tall. Ages 5 years and up. One such quality item may possibly be the LEGO Torch: a flashlight with posable arms and light angling legs makes this extra fun! LEGO lights combine the fun and nostalgia of LEGO toys with a handy supply of illumination wherever a little extra light is needed. There are no batteries to buy, so there is nothing to trash. LEGO Battery Operated LED Flash Light Torch Giant Lego Man Stands 7. LEGO products get to benefit from the goodwill they has managed to build more than the years. As a result, they get an inherited platform from exactly where they can launch with complete valor while the rest is determined by the quality from the item.


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