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Lego Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set (robotics Invention System Expansion Set)

Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set4 Star Rating
Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set Lego Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set robotics Invention System Expansion Set Image 1Lego Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set robotics Invention System Expansion Set Image 2
Entertaining Creation With The Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate

I'm going to share with you this excellent Mindstorm Lego set called. I do believe you will like that the item offers contains 7 advanced projects with 3-d building instructions!. Other highlights consist of runs on windows 98/me and contains 316 pieces, for ages 12+. To start with, understand that you can buy a terrific present for kids without having to spend an arm and a leg Reviews are the perfect to acquire info regarding both the price and quality linked to items. If you're lucky, you'll discover the experiences a person's kid gained using the item.

lego mind storms ultimate builders robotics

Price: $249.95
Brand: LEGO
Model: 3800
UPC: 042884038007
Qty: 1

Product Description

Become a Master Builder! On the CD-ROM, you will find step-by-step building instructions for amazing models introduced by LEGO's genuine Master Builders. Make the Aerial Tram move objects across your space suspended on a wire! Through the seven projects, you are challenged to construct advanced and very functional models. Combine the Ultimate Builders Set with the Robotics Invention Method (LEGO set 9747 or 3804) to discover the secrets with the true Master Builders from LEGO who will guide you through challenging building projects. Get the Wall Climber to scale walls! Use the Tabletop Cleaner to clean your desk! Beginning having a parts list containing the official LEGO names for the elements, you will develop from being an apprentice to becoming a Master Builder yourself!


  • Runs on Windows 98/Me
  • Includes pneumatics, special gears, motor and other must-have elements!
  • Learn inside tips and tricks from the LEGO Master Builders!
  • Contains 316 pieces, for ages 12+
  • Contains 7 advanced projects with 3-D building instructions!
  • Pack: 1
  • Package Weight: 1.3 lbs.

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