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Lego Mind Storms 9731 Vision Command: Create Robots That See

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Mind Storms 9731 Vision Command Create
Lego Mind Storms 9731 Vision Command Create Robots That See Image 1


Looking for an extremely good Mindstorm Lego set? Mind Storms 9731 Vision Command: Create by Lego is really fun Mindstorm set! I'm sure you will like that the item comes along with includes lego cam camera and vision command cd-rom software. Additional features consist of includes 15-ft usb cable, includes vision command constructopedia and runs on windows 98 and uses usb port. Best deal on Mind Storms 9731 Vision Command: Create . To learn more about this Mindstorm Lego set, click on our partners via the link below.

Build robots that respond to what they see! First, program your Computer to react to what your camera sees by playing a sound, recording video or taking pictures. Finally, click"run"and watch as your camera does things like playing musical notes in the wave of a hand, sounding an alarm when an intruder enters your area or recording a video of anyone taking your favorite blue t-shirt! Then set your camera to detect modifications in motion, color or light. Explore the latest in robotics technologies! When combined with Robotics Invention System (LEGO set 9719, 9747 or 3804) , Vision Command becomes a revolutionary vision sensor smart enough to be the eyes and brains of your robot. Vision Command, featuring the new LEGO Cam, lets you program anything from a motion sensitive spy camera to a music synthesizer that you can play with a wave of your hand.


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