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Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems 1. 5

Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems5 Star Rating
Mindstorms Robotics Invention SystemsLego Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems 1 5 Image 1
Wonderful Development With The Mindstorms Robotics

Children of every age group will love to design with the Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems , a great Mindstorm set made by Lego, click on the weblink below.

lego mindstorms robotics invention systems brand

Price: $595.00
Brand: LEGO
Model: 9747
UPC: 042884097479

Product Description

This is brand new and all within the pieces are nonetheless factory sealed. 0 software due to the fact this original software only functions with windows 98. The 2. I will consist of a copy using the 2. 0 software program I am adding will let you use it getting a system that uses XP. I will also add a extention cord which will connect the 9 pin serial cable to a USB port.


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