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Nxt Color Sensor V2 For Lego Mindstorms Nxt

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Nxt Color Sensor V2 For Lego Mindstorms


793573417169 is the barcode for this Mindstorm set. Among the many key features for these Mindstorm sets is the make lego robots that can sort lego bricks. Other highlights include detect more than 17 colors and shades and detect an extended range of colors. Where to buy the Nxt Color Sensor V2 . For the best offer on this Mindstorm set along with other products, check out our affilate button on this site.

Add a spectrum of color to your models with the new and updated Hi Technic Color Sensor (Version 2 ). The NXT-G programming block can be downloaded from the Downloads page. The Hi Technic Color Sensor is “ tuned ” to standard LEGO colors. Detect an extended range of over 15 target colors and system your NXT robot to react to each color. Build a color sorter to sort LEGO bricks or possibly a line follower that could detect various color lines and surface colors. When positioned more than a surface, the Color Sensor will return a numeric worth identifying the target color. The new Version 2 Color Sensor has enhanced performance like better color recognition and longer detection range.


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