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Nxt Infrared Link For Lego Mindstorms

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Nxt Infrared Link For Lego Mindstorms


I'm sure you will love that it features hi technic - the only complete range of lego certified nxt sensors ensuring safety and quality. Additional features consist of signal other lego models and robots. It has a weight of 1 lbs. I would like you to get the best price when shopping for a Mindstorm set, please click on the add to cart button on this site.

Control LEGO R/C trains as well as other motorized LEGO sets with the Hi Technic IRLink Sensor for the Mindstorms NXT. Control the speed and path of as a lot as three LEGO R/C trains (7897 and 7898) and other sets including the new Technic Motorized Bulldozer (8275) and the Monster Dino (4958 ). The IRLink uses Infrared signals to communicate with trains, Power Functions Motor controller and the Mindstorms RCX. The IRLink enables NXT applications to study values from RCX sensors and control motors connected for the RCX.


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