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Pf Motor Controller For Nxt (pfmate)

Reviews 4 Stars
Pf Motor Controller For Nxt


Kids go nuts over this remarkable Mindstorm set. I actually liked that the Mindstorm set had the feature of this device can attach to your pf ir receiver, and control pf motors with high reliability. Part# PFMate. To take advantage of the great deal I uncovered, click on our partners via the link on this page.

PFMate is developed to generate to be a closely integrated controller for PF motors. (In order to operate with this with your NXT, you will need PF IR receiver.) This device can attach to your PF IR receiver, and control PF motors with high reliability. You can control upto 4 receivers, by mounting it at a distance. Using this controller you is going to be able to manage speed, direction and braking/floating actions of PF motors connected to your IR receiver. The Red spacer bricks also as the PF IR receiver are shown to illustrate connectivity and integration, and are not portion of this controller.


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