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Sony Playstation 2 Controller Interface For Nxt (V4)

Sony Playstation 2 Controller Interface4 Star Rating
Sony Playstation 2 Controller InterfaceSony Playstation 2 Controller Interface For Nxt V4 Image 1
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Children never let go of this wonderful Lego set by PSP-Nx-v4 is the part number for this Lego set. I definitely loved that it has the feature of sensor brick with mindstorms nxt compatible sockets. Online deals for Sony Playstation 2 Controller Interface , add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

sony playstation controller interface sensor brick

Model: PSP-Nx-v4
Qty: 1

Product Description

PSP-Nx-v4 is a sensor brick which connects to your NXT, and allows you to manage NXT robot with standard Sony Playstation Joystick. PSP-Nx-v4 has known compatibility issues with: Logitech Cordless Action PS2 Controller and React Wireless Rechargeable Controller for Play Station 2 This sensor brick is effortless to use in your program and supports all popular NXT development environments.


  • Supports NXT-G, Robot C, NXC/Bricx CC and Lab VIEW
  • A suitable toy to lure your Video game players into Science and Technology!
  • Sensor brick with Mindstorms NXT compatible sockets
  • Control NXT robot with your Sony Play Station 2 compatible Wireless Controller
  • Pack: 1

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