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Lego Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 3808

Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 38085 Star Rating
Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 3808 Lego Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 3808 Image 1
Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 3808

I really liked that it had this 223-piece kit contains everything needed to build a spy robot. Using the web you can get a good amount of sources and info to guide you to make a good purchase. Realize that you may get a great present for children without having to spend a lot There are numerous strategies to do your homework without creating yourself a load of extra trouble. The key to get straight answers about Mindstorm Lego sets can be examine a number of reviews. Get an idea of the overall impression of many people and you'll see if most people love or hate the item. You may learn about the experience somebody's kid had with the item. Make sure you study the price of Spybotics Shadowstrike at a variety of different web pages or even dealers, to be certain that you are not shelling out more than you need to. A single seller could be having a sale that allows you to get a lower price, another could possibly be cleaning away older supply and has lower prices than others. Make a little bit of more time and you'll find what you wish to purchase for children at the suitable price for your wallet. To get this product now at the best price, check out our partners via the button below.

lego spybotics shadowstrike combines building toys

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Brand: Lego
Model: 3808
UPC: 673419013314

Product Description

The Spybotics game combines developing toys with computer games for the ultimate in interactive fun. Shadowstrike robot, CD Rom software for Windows98/ME/XP, serial cable and remote manage. Ages 9 and up. Shadowstrike S70 is a shadowy, agile robot with ultra speedy 3-wheel drive and pummeling arm action that's perfect for time-sensitive missions. PC and batteries required, not included. Collect all four Spybotic robots and play with friends for multi-player action. Includes 223-pc.

Leave it to LEGO to come up with another great toy that will preserve kids occupied for hours, if not days. The Shadowstrike's best attributes are speed and agility, having a tripodlike build, but it also offers some strength. The first thing to do is plug the CD-ROM into your pc and download the certain features, coaching exercises, directions on how to create the purple Shadowstrike S70, and 10 global missions for it to complete once ready. This 223-piece kit consists of everything important to generate a spy robot. A computer and three each of both AA and AAA batteries are required, none of which are included. --Pam Lauer Its signature function will be the grabbing arm protruding from the front of its body, permitting it to grasp at things in its way. A programmable controller makes it possible for you to customize the Shadowstrike with distinct attributes before starting on a mission, so you're as prepared as achievable for what lies ahead. Having two robots function against every single other on a mission is achievable if you have multiple LEGO Spybotics, or a friend with 1.


  • A programmable controller allows you to customize the Shadowstrike with special features before starting on a mission
  • The first thing to do is plug the CD-ROM into your computer and download the special features, training exercises and instructions
  • This 223-piece kit contains everything needed to build a spy robot
  • Package: Height: 2.9" Length: 15.1" Depth: 11.4"
  • Package Weight: 1.25 lbs.

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