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Thermometer For Mindstorms Nxt

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Thermometer For Mindstorms Nxt
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Dexter Industries

Package Quantity: 1

Children of every age will love to build with the Thermometer For Mindstorms from Dexter Industries. Among the major features is the temperature operating range: -50c to 150c. Other features include things like thermometer for lego nxt mindstorms, accuracy: +/- 0. 1 degree celsius and data output in c, f, k, r. 855947002118 is the barcode for this Mindstorm Lego set. We want you to get the best price when selecting a Mindstorm Lego set for your kids.

Constructed of 316 stainless steel,this rugged temperature probe is encased in a stainless steel shaft that might possibly be utilized to measure temperatures in water, organics, ionic solutions, most acids and bases. NXT-G and Labview Software available at website. The probe has a 1/4"OD, and is 3' long, making it ideal for most laboratory experiments and sealed distillation experiments. Temperature Operating Range: -50C to 150C Accuracy: Depends on computer software. See internet site. Solid construction offers superior strain relief.


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