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Buy Mindstorms Robotics Invention SystemsNew Product

Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems 1. 5

Toy - Assemble with the Mindstorms Robotics !
[Read About Mindstorms Robotics Invention Systems]
Rating 5
Building Toys, Lego, Systems, Mindstorms

Buy 8547 Mindstorms Nxt 2 0 Robotics KitNew Product

Lego 8547 Mindstorms Nxt 2. 0 Robotics Kit

Toy - Your child will have fun with this great Lego set a great Mindstorm set by Lego. Among the list of characteristics is the product of this place is english all the manuals. Other features include from 10 years old: age and battery: required. The Lego set is 14.88"H x 18.9"L x 3.7"W and has got a weight of 4.41 lbs.
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Rating 5
Electronics, Re-appearance, Mindstorms

Buy Mindstorms Star Wars Droid DeveloperOn Sale Product

Lego Mindstorms: Star Wars Droid Developer Kit

Toy - I'd like to share with you an excellent Mindstorm set entitled from Lego. A listing of characteristics include includes cd-rom, pc required, 657 pieces and ages 9+. The Lego set weighs somewhere around 1 lbs.
[Read About Mindstorms: Star Wars Droid Developer]
Rating 5
Developer, Star, Building Toys, Toys

Buy Tower Bridge 10214On Sale Product

Lego Tower Bridge #10214

Toy - You've got to buy a Lego Tower Bridge #10214 a super fun Lego set brought to you by Lego City. A list of features are pieces: 1204, lego tower bridge #10214 and ages: 16+. It's dimensions are 17"H x 40"L x 10"W. It has a weight of 9.51 lbs.
[Read About Tower Bridge #10214]
Rating 5
Tower, Bridge, Lego, Building Toys

Buy Color SensorOn Sale Product

Lego Color Sensor (9694)

Single Detail Page Misc - A lot of fun design with the Color Sensor ! One of the several key attributes for these Mindstorm sets is the emit 3 different colors: blue, green, red.
[Read About Color Sensor]
Rating 4
Sensor, Colors, Toys & Games, Lego

Buy Nxt Accelerationtilt Sensor For LegoOn Sale Product

Nxt Acceleration/tilt Sensor For Lego Mindstorms

Toy - There's no doubt that you will love that it comes along with measure acceleration and tilt in 3 axes, x, y and z. The Lego set weighs close to 1 lbs.
[Read About Nxt Acceleration/tilt Sensor For Lego]
Rating 4
Mindstorms, Building Toys, Sensor, Lego

Buy Nxt Infrared Link For Lego MindstormsNew Product

Nxt Infrared Link For Lego Mindstorms

Toy - I in fact liked that the item had the feature of hi technic - the only complete range of lego certified nxt sensors ensuring safety and quality. Other features include things like signal other lego models and robots. It has got a weight of 1 lbs.
[Read About Nxt Infrared Link For Lego Mindstorms]
Rating 4
Infrared, Control, Toys & Games, Link

Buy Connector Cables For Mindstorms NxtOn Sale Product

Connector Cables For Lego Mindstorms Nxt (8529) - Includes 7 Cables

Toy - Assemble to create with Connector Cables For Mindstorms Nxt made by Lego. The feature characteristics are includes 7 cables. and both ends of the cable have rj12 plugs. The barcode for this is 797734812213.
[Read About Connector Cables For Mindstorms Nxt]
Rating 4
Toys & Games, Connector, Lego, Connect

Buy 174 Heart Book 40015 51 Piece ExclusiveOn Sale Product

Lego ® Heart Book * 40015 * 51 Piece Exclusive Lego Valentine Set

Toy - Are you looking to pick a Technic Lego set? 174 Heart Book 40015 51 Piece Exclusive is an excellent Technic Lego set. Part# 40015. I think you will love that the product offers this feature, lego heart book * 40015 * 51 piece lego set. Other features consist of ages 6+ and holds a wallet-sized photo inside!. The Lego set is 3"H x 5"L x 1"W and weighs somewhere around 0.19 lbs.
[Read About #174; Heart Book 40015 51 Piece Exclusive]
Rating 4
Valentine, Lego, Building Toys, Exclusive

Buy 174 Mindstorms 174 Sound SensorOn Sale Product

Lego ® Mindstorms ® Sound Sensor (9845)

Toy - One of the many best features is the lego mindstorms is age graded 10+ and is p/c mac compatible. Other features consist of does not include connector cable and includes 1 sound sensor. It has got a weight of 4 lbs.
[Read About #174; Mindstorms ® Sound Sensor]
Rating 4
Lego, Building Toys, Toys & Games, Sensor

Items 1 - 10 of 28 in total.

Lego, Toys Games, Building Toys, Mindstorms

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