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Buy Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders SetOn Sale Product

Lego Mind Storms 3800 Ultimate Builders Set (robotics Invention System Expansion Set)

Toy - One of the key characteristics for this product is the contains 7 advanced projects with 3-d building instructions!. Other features consist of runs on windows 98/me and contains 316 pieces, for ages 12+.
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Rating 4
Builders, Toys & Games, Robotics, Building

Buy City Police Chase 3648On Sale Product

Lego City Police Chase 3648 - Rare 2011 Release

Toy - I really loved that the product has the feature of 3648 police chase * special edition * lego city series 173pc set (includes 3 minifigures). The Lego set dimensions are 4.49"H x 25.67"L x 18.9"W. 0673419143295 is the bar code aka the International Article Number for this terrific item.
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Rating 4
Rare, Release, Building Toys, Toys

Buy Pf Motor Controller For NxtOn Sale Product

Pf Motor Controller For Nxt (pfmate)

Single Detail Page Misc - Kids of almost any age will like to create with the Pf Motor Controller . One of the several major attributes for this item is the this device can attach to your pf ir receiver, and control pf motors with high reliability. The product number for this is PFMate.
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Rating 4
Closely, Pfmate, Toys & Games, Building

Buy PSPNXV4 Combo With A Wireless ControllerOn Sale Product

PSP-NX-V4 Combo With A Wireless Controller

Toy - The model number for this useful Mindstorm set is PSP-NxC. I certainly loved that it has a suitable toy to lure your video game players into science and technology!. Other highlights include things like connect to a sensor port on nxt.
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Rating 4
Includes, Package, Controller, Building

Buy Mindstorms Nxt Interactive Servo MotorOn Sale Product

Lego Mindstorms Nxt Interactive Servo Motor (9842)

Toy - You'll want to give the kids the Mindstorms Nxt Interactive a powerful Mindstorm set manufactured by Lego. It weighs about 2 lbs.
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Rating 4
Mindstorms, Motor, Building Toys, Servo

Buy Dual RangeOn Sale Product

Dual Range, Triple Zone Infrared Obstacle Detector For Nxt (nxtsumo EYES-V2)

Toy - Snap and build with Dual Range ! One of the many key features is the detect obstacles in front-left, front-right or straight ahead. Other highlights include things like ideal for sumo wresling robots, simple to use analog sensor interface and supports two distance ranges. It's dimensions are 3.15"H x 0.79"L x 1.18"W. It has got a weight of 0.02 lbs.
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Rating 4
Infrared, Range, Triple, Toys & Games

Buy Thermometer For Mindstorms NxtOn Sale Product

Thermometer For Mindstorms Nxt

Toy - Constructing has never been more enjoyable with the Thermometer For Mindstorms Nxt . Protectedthermalprobe is the product number for this Lego set. I definitely liked that the item has the feature of temperature operating range: -50c to 150c. Additional features include thermometer for lego nxt mindstorms, accuracy: +/- 0. 1 degree celsius and data output in c, f, k, r.
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Rating 4
Steelthis, Rugged, Mindstorms, Stainless

Buy 174 Mindstorms 174 Touch SensorOn Sale Product

Lego ® Mindstorms ® Touch Sensor (9843)

Toy - Searching for a terrific Mindstorm Lego set? #174; Mindstorms Touch Sensor is an excellent Mindstorm Lego set! Among the many best features for these Legos is the lego mindstorms is age graded 10+ and is p/c mac compatible. Other highlights include does not include connector cable and includes 1 touch sensor.
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Rating 4
Mindstorms, Touch, Sensor, Toys & Games

Buy 174 Valentine Letter Set 40016 41On Sale Product

Lego ® Valentine Letter Set * 40016 * 41 Piece Exclusive Lego Valentine Set

Toy - I need to reveal to you a great Mindstorm set entitled manufactured by Lego. Barcode number 673419151993. Among the list of key characteristics is the build this special keepsake for your valentine! makes a great gift!. Additional features consist of ages 6+ and from lego. The Mindstorm set is 2" Height x 2" Length x 1" Width and has got a weight of 0.13 lbs.
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Rating 4
Piece, Toys & Games, Valentine, Letter

Buy Thermal Infrared SensorOn Sale Product

Thermal Infrared Sensor

Toy - For everybody who is seeking a Mindstorm Lego set We've put together information. Thermal Infrared Sensor is a great Lego set. 855947002293 is the bar code, also called the Universal Product Code, for this fantastic Mindstorm Lego set.
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Rating 4
Sensor, Building Toys, Thermal, Industries

Items 21 - 30 of 46 in total.

Building Toys, Toys Games, Lego, Mindstorms

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